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Here at Discount Screen Supplies, we only offer you screen printing products that we would use ourselves. As printers, you know that quality ink is a very important factor for the outcome of your products- that’s why we only offer the best!

Unlike many competitors, DSS offers phthalate-free plastisol inks. Preferred by many printers, manufactures, and consumers, phthalate free plastisol inks are free from phthalate contents, and meet the high standards required by some of the industry’s largest children apparel manufacturers and retailers. Our phthalate free inks are perfect for screen printing textiles, with the same stability, processing, and user-friendly finished print characteristics as a regular plastisol ink.

Plastisol Inks, used widely for apparel printing, are easy to print, will adhere to most textiles, is very opaque, and does not dry in the screen. Plastisol Ink cannot be dried at normal temperature, but must be cured with heat (usually approx 290-330 degrees F). The ink creates a bond with the fabric it is printed on, unlike others which simply dye it. Plastisol inks do have trouble adhering to woven, waterproofed nylon material without the use of a bonding agent.

To cure plastisol ink, you much expose the ink to the correct amount of heat for a certain amount of time, to insure proper drying. By insuring the curing process is done correctly, you will minimize issues with poor wash-ability. Although you cannot really “over cure” the ink, it is not recommended that you cure the ink at a temp of over 350 degrees F. The curing temperature, of course, depends on many factors such as your dryer type, material, design thickness, and so on. Before curing, it is suggested that you take these factors into account.

Phthalate-Free plastisol Ink 1 Gallon.Available in the 19 ink colors listed.



  • 012-Lemon Yellow
  • Black
  • 021-Light Orange
  • 072-Reflex Blue
  • 123-Golden Yellow
  • 173-Orange
  • 186-Bright Red
  • 202-Maroon
  • 282-Dark Blue
  • 285-Light Blue
  • 286-Medium Blue
  • 2925-Pro Blue
  • 350-Dark Green
  • 355-Irish Green
  • 483-Brown
  • 485-Fire Red
  • Fuchsia RH
  • Magenta RU
  • White

* Colors May Change due to monitor settings on your computer. DSS does not assume responsibility for slight variations in ink color.